The Promotion Fair

A fair for and by small business owners

Every year in August the Promotion Fair takes place in Jönköping, Sweden. The fair is dedicated to small business owners, in order for them to promote their services as well as connect with other businesses. The fair provides business owners with inspiring lectures, the opportunity to display their business in stalls and simply mingle around with other driven individuals.

A simple profile and website was developed, in order for information to be delivered in a clear way. The goal was for the profile to be distinct and recognisable. It needed to stand out from all the businesses during the fair.

The logo is kept simple, with the name and the four profile colors. In order to be understood by non Swedish speakers, “Promotion” is slightly highlighted. The four colors are displayed in four squares, which will be recognised throughout the profile. The pictograms used in maps and signs during the fair, for example, utilizes the same squares in different colors depending on category. Female toilet is green, male toilet is blue, neutral places for happenings are orange and information and meeting spots are pink. These categories makes it easier for visitors to find their way around.

A folder with information is also sent out along with the tickets and information to visitors and exhibitors. The folder aims to inform and prepare people for whats to come. It also contains a program and important times to keep track of. It directs people searching for further information to the website. Finally it also delivers material to the media and contact information to anyone with questions.

The website is updated with information leading up to the fair. It provides with support to all material for the business owners as well as working as a communication hub.

Together all the pieces of the profile works with one another and delivers information in a clear and comprehensible way.

Color Swatches
Visual Map

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