The Engineer

A resumé and cover letter for a new graduate engineer

As a newly graduated student, it is not always easy to find your way in to the business world. For a civil engineer to stand out, a killer resumé can be the answer. Of course a matching cover letter and business card comes with it.

In the world of engineers, information is usually more important than design. With that in mind, the resumé with matching cover letter was focused on delivering all the necessities in a structured and apprehensible way. In order to make it standout a dash of colour and some icons was added to the design.

The color, a clear blue, was chosen due to its clarity and the ”pop” it created with the white paper. It was used in headlines and icons, as well as an illustration of a skyline on the business card. The icons was otherwise kept simple and just as an addition, rather than a focus. The skyline on the business card became an eye-catching complement as well as a symbol for the occupation – civil engineer.

The pieces – colours, symbols and fonts – all work together to deliver information and stands out among the other resumés of graduating engineers.

Business Card
Skyline illustration
Profile overview

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