The Architect

A small presentation of the architects work

In order to display and easily present the innovative design of the fully recyclable arts center, the architect needed a folder to withhold the necessary information and images. Another requirement was for the design to be simple, so that the focus was on the building and its features.

The result was a folder in A5 format, easy to carry and fit into a bag but also user friendly and with possibilities for larger pictures. The main focus of the building’s folder was on images and to display the incredible work of the architect. Another folder was also created along side it, as a presentation of the architect himself, to be used within any future project.

Both folders was kept clean and crisp. A simple sans serif was used to reflect the simplicity in the buildings, as well al not take any focus away from it. As a detail, both folders were printed with completely recycled paper, to highlight the main feature of the art center’s design.

Frontpage Design
Mockup overview
Signage Design
Mockup Design

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