Punk Office

An interactive 3D startup in Australia

Punk Office is a small start-up company located in St. Kilda in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in interactive 3D media, creating frameworks that allow 3D media to be manipulated in realtime within a 3D space. Punk Office also have the highest-definition and fastest 3D scanner in Australia, which is being used to create highly realistic human avatars from real life people. The scanner, along with the technology used to create groundbreaking interactive media, makes the company a front runner in the digital future.

When creating the profile for Punk Office, the aim was to keep the company’s young image and vision of being digital rebels, yet showcasing the core of the company – 3D. It was also of importance to keep the design simplistic, allwing the user to focus on the interactive elements, and deliver a sence of futurism and edge.

First off, the logo, was created with the futuristic feeling in focus. It resultet in a “punk robot” acting as a sort of the mascot for the company. It is part of the logo as well as a symbol on it’s own. The font used in the logo is futuristic and with an edgy feel. The word “Punk” is also highlighted to create a more punching image. It’s mainly used with a metallic shading, but also with black and white.

Apart from the metallic shading in the logo, the profile is only in greyscale. This enhances the modern and futuristic feeling. The remaining details are kept minimal and fonts simple, allowing the imagery and 3D work as the core and deliver the message directly to the user. If an image says more than 1000 words, then how many words does a 3D scan say?

Check out the website live at Punk Office.

Graphic Profile

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