Equiteam International

A rehabilitation center for horses and riders

Equi Team International is a rehabilitation center for horses and riders. They focus on the whole equipage, everything from how the rider impact the horse to the equipment used and the horse’s posture. This gives them a uniqe edge within their busienss and the graphic profile was made to represent that.

First off the logo was created. As it is a horse focused bisuness, they wanted the horse as part of the logo. It was integrated with the name itself and became part of the word. The shape of the horse also reappears throughout the profile.

The focus of the profile for EquiTeam was on the clients and Equi Teams uniqe edge. To differentiate them from the crowd of businesses in the horse world, the only color the brand uses, except from grey, black and white, is a bright turquoise. The colour is quite diefferent from the regular marine blues, dark greens and browns used by a lot of similar businesses. This results in Equi Team being recognisable and memorable.

The website was a major part of the profile. It is very informative and aims to explain and outline all the services and organization information to the clients. It is also the main portal for contact and inquieries.

To keep it simple the graphic details are minimum and the information is in the center. However the turqoise colour is occasionally found in smaller elements and headlines, creating a humane element as well as a recognizable difference.

Graphic Profile
Letterhead design
Design Overview

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